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Expand folders

It can be a time-consuming process to expand a folder by clicking on the (+) for each and every sub-directory.

While in any application that is based on the explorer interface (e.g. Windows Explorer) simple highlight the parent folder you wish to expand and press '*' (asterix on the keypad) and all the sub folders will expand out, press '-' (minus on the keypad) and they'll all contract back again.

Coming from the "Just Take the Bus" department, Lockergnomie Mike St. Ores notices another Microsoft troubleshooting aide. USB devices are typically easier to install than their parallel, serial, and SCSI counterparts. That's the beauty, eh! Naturally, the upgrading process doesn't always go as planned. Windows isn't always forthcoming as to what's wrong, where it went awry, and why it won't work. With your Windows 98 system CD in the drive, navigate to the Tools \ Reskit \ Diagnose folder. There, you'll find a nifty program called USBVIEW.EXE. Go ahead and launch that puppy to see what peripherals Windows recognizes; select a component to view its environmental settings. The more you know, the farther you'll go.


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