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Fixing Corrupt Registry

If your registry has gotten corrupted, and re-installing Windows 9x over your existing version does not fix the problem, search for a hidden, read-only, system file on the root of your boot drive called SYSTEM.1ST.

This is the initial system registry created when you first installed Windows 9x.

a. Go to your Windows directory ( generally tends to be C:\Windows )

b. Change the attributes of your current SYSTEM.DAT file (attrib -r -s -h system.dat)

c. Copy your current SYSTEM.DAT to something like SYSTEM.OLD file

d. Move to your root directory

e. Change the attributes of the SYSTEM.1ST file


g. Reboot your system.

You will need to install your 32-bit apps and any other programs or changes that modified your system registry but you will not need to go through a new again.
Your 16-bit apps should not need to be re-installed since they do not modify the registry.
You will also retain your current desktop configuration.


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