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lets go to speed up Windows 95/98 directly.
Open the Control Panel and double click SYSTEM and click in the DEVICE MANAGER tab, find the line that says DISK DRIVES and click in the + sign beside it, in there you will see you current Hard Drives, double click the one that describes you Hard Drive model or if no models are listed double click the one that says GENERIC DISK DRIVE, go to SETTINGS tab and make sure the DMA option is enabled, don't touch the other settings (this trick will only work on Hard Drives that are larger than 1 Gigabyte), click OK and go to the PERFORMANCE tab, click on VIRTUAL MEMORY and use this settingsNotice that I used my second Hard Drive for the swap file location, by making the Swap File run into another hard drive you will boost the performance of your main boot drive, but if you only have one Hard drive use the C drive anyway, the boost will not be as great but will surely help a lot (after this change, if one of your programs tells you that there is not enough memory to be able to run just change this setting again by increasing the value, Ex. 192, 192 or 256, 256) Also notice that the minimum and maximum values are the same, to work at the best possible performance they must be the same values. Click OK and then click in FILE SYSTEM, there, in TYPICAL ROLE OF THIS MACHINE use the value NETWORK SERVER and the READ-AHEAD OPTIMIZATION value to FULL. Click in the CD-ROM tab and make sure the SUPPLEMENTAL CACHE SIZE is set to LARGE and the OPTIMIZE ACCESS PATTERN set to QUAD-SPEED OR HIGHER (it doesn't matter if you CD-Rom is actually slower, this setting will bosst your CD-Rom's performance), click OK;OK, the computer will ask you if you want to reboot now, say YES.


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