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Turn Off Read-ahead optimization

What is Read-Ahead optimization ?

Read-ahead optimization was intended to speed up hard drive access. If activated, Windows reads some blocks more that needed from the HD and 'hopes' the program will need the data later.

It will work if you use only 1 application at once, but this is not always the case.
As soon as 2 programs try to access the hard drive at the same time the Read-ahead
reading will slow down things up to 50% !

In many cases DISABLING Read-ahead optimization will give your a huge performance
boost - just give it a try !

so go to "system properties" then "performance" then "File System" in "Hard Disk" move the "read ahead Optimization" to NONE (make a note of where it was incase you want to put it back to the original settings) and thats it


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