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Enabling DMA and Other Settings
Enabling DMA (direct memory access) will not give you a huge increase in speed, but will take load off your CPU. Not all CD-ROMs can enable this, or use it successfully, so results will differ. After enabling it try some games out. If it seems to take less time to start reading and the games seem to be running faster then it is working fine. If the CD-ROM is not working correctly then you should disable it.

To enable DMA on your CD-ROM drive
Right click My Computer on your desktop, choose Properties. Click the Device Manager tab. Click the + next to CDROM. Double click on your CD-ROM drive (which should be shown next to CDROM). Click the Settings tab at the top. Check the box that says DMA. While you're at it, try to enable "Sync Data Transfer" as well. Now reboot. If it didn't work like you thought then you can disable it.


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