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Guide to Telnet

Telnet is an application that can be used for E-mail, News, FTP etc and is built into Windows 95, 98, 98SE and NT4. Telnet is also available for Mac OS although does not come standard with OS. Our main use of Telnet is used for checking mailboxes or deleting large messages.

The following guide will show how this is done.

From the Start Menu select run, enter the command telnet and press OK.

The Telnet Application will now open, from the Connect menu choose Remote System.

The following window will now ask for the necessary information. The Host Name is the mail server address i.e. "", the POP3 port should be set to "110", these details can be just entered in.

Press Connect.

The Telnet application will now be connected to the mail server this is displayed "OK BT Internet POP Server Ready".

To logon to the mail server enter the command "user" followed by the specified username, press return. Enter the command "pass" followed by the specified password and press return. It will now display that you have 4 messages and display the total size.

If you type in the command "list", this will list all the messages currently on the server.

If you enter in the command "retr 3" this will retrieve message 3 on the server, retr 1 would retrieve message one on the server.

Enter the command "dele 3" this will delete message 3 on the server

That's basically all there is to Telnet.


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