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Multiple E-mail Downloads

Getting multiple downloads of the same e-mail every time you connect to the mail server then you may have ' leave copies of messages on server ' ticket in the advanced section of the mail account properties.

If leave copies of messages on the sever is ticked there should be no reason for multiple downloads of the same e-mail unless the pop3uidl.dll file is corrupted. This file holds a list of the mail that has already been downloaded to the client so it does not get downloaded from the server more than once. If the file has been corrupted then the list cannot be read when the e-mail client connects to the mail server. If leave copies of messages on server is ticked then the mail will be left on the mailserver and and the entire contents will be downloaded every time.

To fix this problem just delete the pop3uidl.dll file and then restart the computer. The file should then recreate itself and will no longer be corrupted. The file can usually be found in


If not just search for the file in Find Files.


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