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How many peeps are aware of spyware cause I was not untill today, it a simple program that most of us download and **********(not getting sued ) has it to name one. And we all say YES to the agreement dont we, well I got a little program to check if I have it and seeing as I have programs I know do, it was a sure thing. So as soon as I opened my little Program it told me I had 6 sitting in my registry which was a suprise so being the curious type I am I did a deep scan of my files and it found 60.
Briefly the spyware leaves a id marker on your PC and every time you use that program it sends info back to there host over the internet giving them details of where you have been and what you are doing, all in the name of marketing. Now alot of freeware carries adverts as a banner and I dont know if you have noticed that alot of the time it is about something that you show an interest in, this "Target Advertising" I would call Subliminal and an invasion of our privacy but hey time to get off my soap box if you want to know more just say so.



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