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Installing Remort Access Services

From the desktop, double-click My Computer.

Double-click Dial-up Networking.

If you receive a message stating The phonebook is empty. Press O.K. to add an entry, skip to the next section, Creating a Dial-up Networking Connection.
If the Dial-up Networking window opens with the phonebook list and the option to dial, again proceed to the next section to create a new connection.
Otherwise, click Install, then point to the path where your NT 4.0 install files are located (for example, D:\i386) and click OK. Windows NT will now install the necessary files onto the hard drive.

The Add RAS Device window will appear. If you see your modem listed in the RAS Capable Devices field, then click OK and proceed to the next step.

If you do not see a modem listed, then you will need to install a driver for your modem as follows:

In the Add RAS Device window, click the Install Modem button. This will start the Install New Modem wizard. You can let Windows NT try to detect you modem automatically (recommended) by clicking Next.
If Windows NT detects your modem, then proceed through the wizard. If Windows NT is unable to detect your modem, you will then have the option to select your modem from a list or use a disk provided by the manufacturer. You may need to follow the directions in your modem's documentation.

Highlight your modem and click the Configure button.

Make sure Dial Out Only is selected.

Click OK.

Click the Network button.

Make sure TCP/IP is the only box checked.

Click OK.

Click Continue in the Remote Access Setup window.

After Dial-Up Networking installation is complete, click Restart to reboot the computer before continuing.


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