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Problems opening attachments in Outlook Express 5.0


Problems that can be encountered when receiving emails containing attachments is that there is no file association created within their system for the file they've been sent. When this happens the user will be confronted with the following error.

Creating a file association is not something we would take the customer through as it is part of their Operating System and as such not supported. Plus there is no guarantee that the customer will have a program to view the file, in this instance the customer can obtain the program or download a viewer.

Other problems that can occur is if the attachment is a shortcut to the original file so that when the recipient try's to open the file an error is given because the path is pointing to is the senders hard drive - as shown below.

*Note the file is ' .lnk ' which is basically just a shortcut link to the original file.

Sometimes though instead of displaying the error above the program will attempt to open the file in Internet Explorer as shown below and as above is caused by the sender attaching the shortcut to the file rather than the file itself.


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