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How to back up e-mail

  • Procedure

    Go to Start / Find / Files or Folders and do a search on the customers hard drive for the folder he/she wants to save.

    Once they have been found either right click on them and select send to 3 1/2 floppy A. (If the file is small enough.) or right click on it and drag it to the desktop. Once the file os over the desktop release the mouse button and select copy here. This way if the customer makes a mistake the original file is still where it should be.

    Remember if you are going to format the PC's Hard Drive then the files will have to be copied to some sort of backup device like a floppy disk of a Jaz drive.

    The file names are:

  • inbox.dbx
  • outbox.dbx
  • sent*items.dbx
  • deleted*items.dbx
  • drafts.dbx


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