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OL98: (IMO) Formatting Lost Using WinFax Starter Edition

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Outlook 98

NOTE: These procedures only apply if you have installed Outlook with the Internet Mail Only option. To determine your installation type, on the Help menu click About Microsoft Outlook. In About Microsoft Outlook you should see "Internet Mail Only" if you have the Internet Mail Only option installed.


When you send a fax that contains formatting such as bold, italic, or colored fonts, the recipient does not see this. The whole fax is displayed and printed as Courier, in a single font size.


The Winfax Starter Edition does not send Rich Text Format (RTF), but sends the fax as plain text instead.


If your fax recipients require RTF, choose on of the following methods.

Method 1

Create and send your fax document in Microsoft Word 97.
Create the document in Word.

On the File menu, point to Send To, and click Fax Recipient to start the Fax Wizard

Click Next, select the document you created, select whether or not you want a cover sheet, and click Next.

Select "A different fax program which is installed on this system," select Symantec WinFax Starter Edition in the Fax Program list, and click Next.

Select the fax recipient(s) from the Address Book and click Next.

If indicated by your earlier choice, select the desired cover page, and click Next.

If necessary, type the Sender information, click Next, and then click Finish.

NOTE: Your Word document is sent as an attachment to the fax.
Method 2

Upgrade to Symantec Winfax Pro. Contact Symantec for more information or connect to their Web site at:
The third-party contact information included in this article is provided to help you find the technical support you need. This contact information is subject to change without notice. Microsoft in no way guarantees the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

More Information

This section contains more information on mail format types and what graphic types are supported.

Graphics always appear on a page by themselves, never inline with text.

Graphics will only work if they are sent as an attachment that is associated with a program with a Print action.

Pasting a graphic into a HTML item:



Starting with Inserting graphic by Yields this result
HTML Pasting from clipboard

Graphic appears on a
separate page of
received fax. This works
because in this format
we send the file as
embedded HTML. If you
send a mail message like
this to a machine
running Outlook 97 you
will see the attachment.

HTML Attachment As long as the
attachment type is
associated with a program
that has the Print
action, this will
work. The
attachment will appear on
a separate page.
RTF Pasting from the clipboard, Insert Object This will fail with all
the errors stated
RTF Attachment Works as long as the
attachment has the Print
action. The graphic is
separate from the rest
of the text.
Plain text Pasting from clipboard Not available. Paste is
unavailable with a
graphic in the
Plain text Attachment Works as long as the
attachment has the Print


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