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OL98: (CW) Can't Reply to a Message from an Outlook 98 User

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Outlook 98



People replying to e-mail received from users of Microsoft Outlook 98 may see the following in the From field:

Sender Unknown
The following conditions must be true for this issue to occur:

Your mail profile contains Internet E-mail and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Internet E-mail is listed as the first delivery transport.

Your mail delivery point is the Mailbox - <username>


The field "From" that is used by most Internet e-mail readers as the reply address has been replaced with "Sender."


There are three methods to resolve this:

Change the address processing order.

Change the mail delivery point.

Create separate mail profiles for Internet e-mail and Microsoft Exchange Server.

See the appropriate section below for detailed steps to each method.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Outlook 98.

More Information

Change the Address Processing Order

On the Tools menu, click Services.

On the Delivery tab, under "Recipient addresses are processed by these information services in the following order" click to select Internet E-mail.

Click the downward-facing arrow until Internet E-mail is below Microsoft Exchange Transport and (if installed) Microsoft Exchange Remote Transport.

Click OK to close the dialog box.

Quit and then restart Outlook.

Change the Delivery Point

On the Tools menu, click Services.

On the Delivery tab, under "Deliver new mail to the following location", click to select Personal Folder file.

NOTE: If you have changed the display name of your Personal folder file, click to select that name.

Click OK.

Create Separate Mail Profiles

For information on how to create and modify mail profiles, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q181142 (CW) How to Create a New User Profile for Outlook


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