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OL98: (IMO) Configuring Outlook to Receive Mail from IMAP Server

Microsoft Outlook 98

NOTE: These procedures only apply if you have installed Outlook with the Internet Mail Only option. To determine your installation type, on the Help Menu click About Microsoft Outlook. In About Microsoft Outlook you should see "Internet Mail Only" if you have the Internet Mail Only option installed.


If you have an Internet mail service that uses the IMAP4 protocol to retrieve mail, this article describes the steps necessary for you to configure Microsoft Outlook 98 to send and receive mail using an IMAP4 server.

More Information

Like POP3, the IMAP4 protocol uses port 25 (SMTP) to send mail, but an IMAP4 server uses port 143 to listen for mail.

Unlike POP3, IMAP4 allows you to store your messages by default on the server, instead of downloading them locally.

To configure Outlook as an IMAP4 client, follow these steps:

1. Start Outlook, and on the Tools menu, click Accounts. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click Add.

2.Type a Display Name. This name identifies your mail to recipients. Click Next.

3. In the E-mail Address box, type your e-mail address. Click Next.

4. In the "My incoming mail server is a" box, click to select IMAP.

5.Type the Incoming and Outgoing server names in the appropriate boxes. Click Next. NOTE: IMAP4 is a retrieval protocol. SMTP is still needed to send mail.

6. In the IMAP Account Name box, type your account name. Press the TAB key and type your password. Click Next. NOTE: If your server is secure, click Secure Password Authentication.

7. Enter a Friendly Name for your e-mail account. This can be any name you choose. Click Next.

8. Click to select a Connection type. If you select "Connect using my phone line," you will be given the opportunity to select an existing Dial-up Networking connection or create a new one.

9.Click Finish.


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