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Read Receipts in Outlook Express 5.01

  • Procedure

    The newest version of Outlook Express (5.01) now supports read Receipts. This means that whenever an email that you send is opened by the recipient you will be sent a message to inform you the messagfe has been opened.

    The bad news however is that BT Internet's POP3 server does not support Read Receipts so any customer wanting a receipt every time an email they sent is opened will not be able to get one.

Problems after installing Norton Utilities 2000 / Norton Security.

  • Procedure

    Some customers have reported problems connecting to the mail server after installing Norton Utilities 2000 or Norton security.

    Both of these programs set up a proxy that can stop popup banners from apearing when you are on the web. They also change the mail server address to If a customer callswith any email problems after installing either of these bits of software then get them to check all the mail accounts and make sure the server addresses are correct.

  • This is a known problem with Norton Utilities 2000 caused by there software setting up a default proxy server.

Error "MSHTML Failed to Create"

  • Procedure

    Click Start, and then click Run.

  • In the Open box, type the following;

    regsvr32 /i mshtml.dll

  • Click OK, and then click OK again.

  • Restart your computer.
  • The reason why this error occurs is unknown, but microsoft have provided the soloution in the procedure above.

"Internet Explorer can not open the internet Site mhtml:mid://0000000x/ The protocol in the address is not valid".

  • Procedure

    Get the customer to click Start, and then click run, then type in the following;

    regsvr32 c:\winnt\system32\inetcomm.dll

    Then click OK and restart the PC

  • The error stems from a problem in the registry, if the procedure does not work you should contact his PC suppliers or Microsoft Helpdesk.

Outlook Express bringing up Registration Pages

  • Procedure

    • Try going through the internet connection wizard (Control Panel / Internet Options / Connection / Click Setup / When the Internet Connection wizard is displayed press cancel, you will receive a message are you sure you want to end the wizard, there will be an option to tick for DO NOT DISPLAY THE WIZARD AGAIN, tick this option and press YES to end the wizard.
    • OR
    • Bring up Windows Explorer
    • Goto Program files, Internet Explorer, Signup
    • Delete the Signup directory
    • It should now work ok.

Spell checking not working in Outlook Express


  • Have you an Office package installed on their PC e.g. Office 97, 2000 etc


    The Spell Checker only works in Outlook Express when MS Office 95,97 or Word, Excel or Powerpoint have been installed. It uses the Spell Checker from these programs, it does not have its own built-in spell checker. If the you do not have any of these programs installed you will not be able to use the Spell Checker function.

Inbox/Outbox Corrupt

  • Have you backed up any important e-mail as the fix for this problem will result in all the messages currently in your inbox, being deleted!
  • What Operating System are you currently using?


    Close OE5 and get the cust to go to Start / Find / Files or Folders.

    Do a search for the folder that is causing the problem. Such as inbox.dbx and rename it to inbox.old.

    The folders are:

  • inbox.dbx
  • outbox.dbx
  • sent*items.dbx
  • deleted*items.dbx
  • drafts.dbx

Error "MSIMN.exe caused an invalid page fault in Module Unknown"

  • Procedure

    Possible causes of this error are:

    1. The Happy 99 virus.
    2. A corrupt folders.dbx file. Close OE5 search for folders.dbx in find files or folders and rename it to folders.old Re-open Outlook Express 5.

Error "msimn.exe has caused an Invalid Page fault in module kernal32.dll"

  • Procedure

    Possible causes of this error are:

    1. The Happy 99 virus.
    2. Password PWL files. (Do a search for them and delete them.)
    3. Display settings or corrupt graphic card drivers. (Lower the amount of colours displayed by rightclicking the desktop, click properties then settings.)

One or more DLL files required for the PGP Outlook Express plug-in are missing

  • Procedure

    To resolve this issue, uninstall Outlook Express 5, uninstall the Pretty Good Privacy program and then reinstall Outlook Express 5.

    If the you require any further information contact the makers of the Pretty Good Privacy program with regards to the availability of a fix to this problem.


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