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MacTCP: Error Codes Defined

The following list defines error message name-to-number mapping, Internet Control Message Protocol(ICMP), and other miscellaneous types throughout the MacTCP driver.

These error messages DO NOT apply to Open Transport.

Error Messages

-23000  ipBadLapErr            Unable to initialize the local network
.                              handler.

-23001  ipBadCnfgErr           The manually set address is configured
.                              improperly.

-23002  ipNoCnfgErr            A configuration resource is missing.

-23003  ipLoadErr              Not enough room in the application
.                              heap (Macintosh 512K enhanced only)

-23004  ipBadAddr              Error in getting an address from a
.                              server or the address is already in use
.                              by another machine.

-23005  connectionClosing      A TCPClose command was already issued
.                              so there is no more data to send on this
.                              connection.

-23006  invalidLength          The total amount of data described by
.                              the WDS was either 0 or greater than

.                              65,535 bytes.

-23007  connectionExists       The TCP or UDP stream already has an
.                              open connection.

-23008  connectionDoesntExist  The TCP stream has no open connection.

-23009  insuuficientResources  64 TCP or UDP streams are already
.                              open.

-23010  invalidStreamPtr       The specified TCP or UDP stream is not
.                              open.

-23011  streamAlreadyOpen      An open stream is already using the
.                              receive buffer area.

-23012  connectionTerminated   The TCP connection was broken; the
.                              reason will be given a terminate ASR.

-23013  invalidBufPtr          The receive buffer area pointer is 0
.                              (nil).

-23014  invalidRDS             The RDS refers to receive buffers not
.                              owned by the user.

-23014  invalidWDS             The WDS pointer was 0 (nil).

-23015  openFailed             The connection came halfway up and

.                              then failed.

-23016  commandTimeout         The specified command action was not
.                              completed in the specified time period.

-23017  duplicateSocket        A stream is already open using the
.                              local UDP port or a TC connection
.                              already exists between the local IP
.                              address and TCP port, and the specified
.                              remote IP address and TCP port.

-23032  ipDontFragErr          The pack is too large to send without
.                              fragmenting and the Don't Fragment flag
.                              is set.

-23033  ipDestDeadErr          The destination host is not responding
.                              to address resolution requests.

-23035  icmpEchoTimeoutErr     The icmp echo packet was not responded
.                              to in the indicated timeout period.

-23036  ipNoFragMemErr         Insufficient internal driver buffers

.                              available to fragment this packet on send.

-23037  ipRouteErr             No gateway available to manage routing
.                              of packets to off-network destinations.

-23041  nameSyntaxErr          The <<hostname>> field had a syntax
.                              error. The address was given in dot
.                              notation (that is, W.X.Y.Z) and did
.                              not conform to the syntax for an IP
.                              address.

-23042  cacheFault             The name specified cannot be found in
.                              the cache.  The domain name resolver
.                              will now query the domain name server
.                              and return the answer in the callback
.                              procedure.

-23043  noResultProc           No result procedure is passed to the
.                              address translation call when the
.                              resolver must be used to find the

.                              address.

-23044  noNameServer           No name server can be found for the
.                              specified name string.

-23045  authNameErr            The domain name does not exist.

-23046  noAnsErr               None of the known name servers are
.                              responding.

-23047  dnrErr                 The domain name server has returned an
.                              error.

-23048  outOfMemory            Not enough memory is available to
.                              issue the needed DNR query or to build
.                              the DNR cache.



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