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Using Multiple Internet Access Configurations


I have two internet accounts, one for home and one for work. I need to enter these, but am unsure of how to do this with Internet Setup Assistant or how to access the different configurations once I enter them. Is there an easy way to do this?


Internet Setup Assistant is an easy way to quickly enter internet access and configuration information. Internet Setup Assistant will automatically configure AppleTalk, Modem, Remote Access and TCP/IP control panels under the configuration name you provide.

Most dialup connections rely on a server to provide internet (network) information. When relying on a server, one setting in each AppleTalk, Modem and TCP/IP control panel can be used for multiple connections.

Apple Remote Access offers the ability to save multiple unique dialup configurations. Start by using the Internet Setup Assistant to enter a descriptive name for each setup you need, for example, Home or Work. Each time you do this, Internet Setup Assistant will add a configuration to your Remote Access preferences.

For convenience, Apple has provided a Remote Access control strip module (pre-installed) that allows you to change configurations quickly from the control strip. The control strip can be used to change configurations, connect and disconnect, and show time connected or remaining.

The AppleTalk, Modem and TCP/IP control panels can also have multiple configurations, or in some cases, it may be necessary to set "manual" configurations that do not use a server to provide the computer with internet (network) information. In these cases, you may have more than one setting in each control panel.

An alternative to manually switching configurations from each control panel is to install Apple Location Manager from the iMac Software Install CD. Location Manager allows settings to be saved as a group, so that selecting a Location Group from the control strip makes changes to all settings: AppleTalk, Dial Assist, Modem, TCP/IP, Remote Access. In our example, a Location called "Work" includes AppleTalk, Remote Access and TCP/IP settings. By changing the location to "Work" using the control strip, all three settings are quickly changed and ready for use.

To install Apple Location Manager, locate the program "Mac OS Install" on the iMac Software Install CD. After launching the Mac OS Install program, select the option to "add/remove" software. A list will appear, allowing you to select Apple Location Manager in the custom install list. The installer will only install that portion of the software necessary for use with Apple Location Manager.



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