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Changing Internet Setup Assistant Configurations


When I first setup my iMac, I went through the Internet Setup Assistant, but later realized that I entered the wrong information. I tried to re-enter the information using the same configuration name, but Internet Setup Assistant says that "the configuration you entered is already present."

How can I re-enter the correct information?


Internet Setup Assistant automates the creation of configurations, rather than having to go to each individual control panel and manually enter information. If you have already created a configuration though, and need to make changes, use the following guide to determine where the information is stored.

Internet Setup Assistant modifies the following control panels:

AppleTalk - The settings in this control panel determine how your computer will connect to an AppleTalk (EtherTalk) network or printer. The AppleTalk control panel also allows the connection to be active on a remotely-connected network (Remote Only).

Dial Assist - The settings in this control panel determines what area code you are calling from, if you need to dial a 9 to reach an outside line and other options specific to your connection.

Modem - The settings in this control panel determine what modem your computer will use and how it will be used.

Remote Access - The settings in this control panel determine what number your computer will dial, what username and password will be used and other options specific to your connection.

TCP/IP - The setting in this control panel determines the network connection information, such as domain name, domain name service, router (gateway) address, subnet mask and other options specific to your connection.

These control panels comprise the user interface to Open Transport networking, the name given to modern networking in the Mac OS.

After locating the appropriate control panel to be modified, open the control panel, and note the name of the control panel. For example, "TCP/IP (Work)" will appear in the title of the window. This will determine what configuration is active. Making changes while the configuration is active, then closing the control panel and saving changes, will modify the configuration.

To learn more about each control panel, use Balloon Help found under the Help Menu while the control panel is open or press the help button on the keyboard.



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