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Changing Internet Settings and Applications


I went through Internet Setup Assistant and entered all my information. I can connect to the internet just fine, but I would like to use Netscape Navigator rather than Microsoft Internet Explorer as my default browser.


There are two applications that determine the way your computer accesses the internet, Internet Setup Assistant and Internet Config.

Internet Setup Assistant

If you need to change your internet service provider (ISP) configuration details, you can use the Internet Setup Assistant located under the Apple Menu in the Internet sub-menu. This application automates the process of entering details such as: connection protocol, service name, domain name server address, router (gateway) address and other details.

Most of this information is stored in the TCP/IP control panel preferences as configuration information. You can make a backup of your configuration by opening the TCP/IP control panel, choosing the Configurations option under the File menu, selecting your active configuration and clicking the "export" button. This will save your configuration to a file that can later be imported, without the need to re-enter all your information.

Internet Config

General internet configuration information, such as the default browser, default homepage, helper applications and other settings may be changed using Internet Config application. Internet Config is located in the path: Macintosh HD: Internet: Internet Utilities: Internet Config.

The iMac uses Microsoft Internet Explorer as the default browser, but this setting may be changed using Internet Config. Other settings that determine how your computer routes information may also be changed in Internet Config. Some of the more common settings are:

Email - email Address, email Account, email Password, SMTP Host, email Headers
File Mappings - Extension (i.e. .html) to Application
Helpers - Document type (i.e. sound file) to Application
News - NNTP Host, News Username, News Password
World Wide Web - Home Page

You can make a backup of these settings using the "Save As" option under the Internet Config File Menu. This backup of your Internet Preferences can later be retrieved without the need to re-enter all your information.



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