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Files Installed by Internet Explorer Version 3.01a for Macintosh

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh


This article lists the files installed with a full installation of Internet Explorer version 3.01a for Macintosh.

More Information

The information in this article has the following format:

Folder name and location (default)

Folder name and location (default)
   File name                        [Component] {Processor} Short comment
      Long comment 

[Component] is each option available in the installer's Custom Install list. Components and their abbreviations in this article are:

   IE      - Internet Explorer
   AX      - ActiveX
   Fonts   - Web Fonts
   IMN     - Internet Mail and News
   ICW     - Internet Connection Wizard
   PWS     - Personal Web Server
   IC      - Internet Config
   Drag and Drop
   Thread Manager 

{Processor} is the computer's processor type. If not specified, the file is installed regardless of processor type. Processors and their abbreviations in this article are:

   68K - Motorola 68020, 68030 and 68040 processors
   PPC - Motorola PowerPC processors 

NOTE: Internet Config is not installed in Apple Macintosh System Software version 8.0 (Mac OS 8) by the Internet Explorer Installer program. You must install Internet Access from the OS 8 CD-ROM to install Internet Config.

File Listing
System Folder:Control Panels
   Microsoft Personal Web          [PWS]
System Folder:Extensions
   CFM-68K Runtime Enabler         [IE, IMN, ICW] {68K}
      File name begins with a space
   NuDragLib.slb                   [IE, IMN, ICW] {68K}
      Not installed on MacOS 8
   NuQuickTimeLib.slb              [IE, IMN, ICW] {68K}
      Not installed on MacOS 8
   NuTranslationLib.slb            [IE, IMN, ICW] {68K}
      Not installed on MacOS 8
   ObjectSupportLib                [IE, IMN, ICW]
      Not installed on MacOS 8
   Macintosh Drag and Drop         [Drag and Drop]
      Installed if Easy Install and Pre-System 7.5
      If Custom Install and Pre-System 7.5, Drag and Drop is selectable
   Thread Manager                  [Thread Manager]
      Installed if Easy Install and Thread Manager toolbox not present
      If Custom Install, Thread Manager is selectable
   Indeo Video                     [IE] AVI support
   Intel Raw Video                 [IE] AVI support
   Internet Config Extension       [IE, IMN, IC] Preferences support
   jgdw.68k                        [IE] {68K}
      AOL libraries for Johnson-Grace image format
   jgdw.ppc                        [IE] {PPC}
      AOL libraries for Johnson-Grace image format
   JgPly.PPC.shlb                  [IMN] {PPC}
      Newer Johnson-Grace library, used by IMN's ImagePlayer control
   JgPly.CFM68K.shlb               [IMN] {68K}
      Newer Johnson-Grace library, used by IMN's ImagePlayer control
   Microsoft PWS Extension         [PWS]
System Folder:Extensions:MS Library Folder
   MS C Library (68k)              [IE, AX, IMN] {68K}
   MS C Library (PPC)              [IE, AX, IMN] {PPC}
   MS Variant Lib (68k)            [IE, AX, IMN] {68K}
   MS Variant Lib (PPC)            [IE, AX, IMN] {PPC}
   MS Preferences Library 68K      [IE, IMN] {68K}
   MS Preferences Library PPC      [IE, IMN] {PPC}
   MS Internet Library (68k)       [IE, IMN] {68K}
   MS Internet Library (PPC)       [IE, IMN] {PPC}
   MS Configuration Lib 68k        [IE, IMN] {68K}
   MS Configuration Lib PPC        [IE, IMN] {PPC}
   MS Component Library (68k)      [IE, AX, IMN] {68K}
   MS Component Library (PPC)      [IE, AX, IMN] {PPC}
   MS Container Lib (68k)          [AX, IMN] {68K}
   MS Container Lib (PPC)          [AX, IMN] {PPC}
   MS JScript (68k)                [JScript] {68K}
   MS JScript (PPC)                [JScript] {PPC}
   MSIE/MW VM                      [Java]
System Folder:Extensions:MS Library Folder:Classes                     [Java]              [Java]
System Folder:Extensions:MS Preference Panels
   Advanced Networking             [IE]
   Configurations                  [IE]
   Cookies                         [IE]
   Downloads                       [IE]
   File Helpers                    [IE, IMN]
   General E-mail                  [IE]
   Home/Search Panel               [IE]
   Java                            [IE]
   Language/Fonts                  [IE]
   Password Dialogs                [IE]
   Protocol Helpers                [IE, IMN]
   Proxies                         [IE]
   Ratings                         [IE]
   Security                        [IE]
   User Passwords                  [IE]
   Utility Dialogs                 [IE]
   Web Browser UI                  [IE]
   Web Content                     [IE]
System Folder:Fonts
   Arial                           [Fonts]
   Arial Black                     [Fonts]
   Comic Sans MS                   [Fonts]
   Courier New                     [Fonts]
   Georgia                         [Fonts]
   Impact                          [Fonts]
   Times New Roman                 [Fonts]
   Trebuchet MS                    [Fonts]
   Verdana                         [Fonts]
   Wingdings                       [Fonts]
System Folder:MS Internet:PWS:Server Plug-ins
   FTP Plug-in                     [PWS] Updated if present
System Folder:Preferences:Explorer
   Favorites.html                  [IE]  Installed if not present
System Folder:Preferences
   Date Preferences                [IE]
      Hidden file, default PICS preferences
   Internet Preferences            [IE, IMN, IC] Installed if not present
Microsoft Internet Applications
   Internet Explorer 3.01          [IE]  Alias
   Internet Mail and News 3.0      [IMN] Alias
 Internet Applications:Internet Explorer 3.01
   Internet Explorer 3.01 License  [IE]
   Release Notes                   [IE]
   Java users ReadMe               [Java]
   Fonts ReadMe                    [Fonts]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Explorer 3.01 Folder:Plug-ins
   Default Plugin                  [IE]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Explorer 3.01 Folder:
ActiveX Plugin
   ActiveX Plugin                  [AX]
   For Browsers Without ActiveX    [AX]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Explorer 3.01 Folder:Help
   Custom.htm                      [IE]
   Favorites.htm                   [IE]
   Find.htm                        [IE]
   Glossary.htm                    [IE]
   IEHelp.htm                      [IE]
   IEPreferences.htm               [IE]
   java.htm                        [IE]
   Keywords.htm                    [IE]
   License.htm                     [IE]
   MailNews.htm                    [IE]
   Pictures.htm                    [IE]
   QuickRef.htm                    [IE]
   Security.htm                    [IE]
   Sidebar.htm                     [IE]
   Troubleshooting.htm             [IE]
   Webpages.htm                    [IE]
   Welcome.htm                     [IE]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Explorer 3.01 Folder:Help:images
   Command.gif                     [IE]
   Diamond.gif                     [IE]
   Exclaim.gif                     [IE]
   Iconfile.gif                    [IE]
   IconFTP.gif                     [IE]
   IconGlob.gif                    [IE]
   IconMail.gif                    [IE]
   IconNews.gif                    [IE]
   IElogo.gif                      [IE]
   IE_Static.gif                   [IE]
   QTVR.jpg                        [IE]
   Subscription.gif                [IE]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Mail and News
   Internet Mail and News 3.0      [IMN]
   Internet Mail and News License  [IMN]
   Read Me                         [IMN]
   ImagePlayer.hqx                 [IMN]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Mail and News:Preference Panels
   IMN Display Panel               [IMN]
   IMN E-mail Panel                [IMN]
   IMN Fonts Panel                 [IMN]
   IMN Messages Panel              [IMN]
   IMN News Panel                  [IMN]
   IMN SendReceive Panel           [IMN]
   IMN StartQuit Panel             [IMN]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Mail and News:Help
   Address.htm                     [IMN]
   Command.gif                     [IMN]
   Customize.htm                   [IMN]
   Display.htm                     [IMN]
   Enclosures.htm                  [IMN]
   EULA.htm                        [IMN]
   Folders.htm                     [IMN]
   Glossary.htm                    [IMN]
   IE_static.gif                   [IMN]
   IMNHelp.htm                     [IMN]
   IMNPreferences.htm              [IMN]
   Keywords.htm                    [IMN]
   Read.htm                        [IMN]
   Send.htm                        [IMN]
   Sidebar.htm                     [IMN]
   Tips.htm                        [IMN]
   Troubleshooting.htm             [IMN]
   View.htm                        [IMN]
   Welcome.htm                     [IMN]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Mail and News:Help:Spellswell
   Spellswell.htm                  [IMN]
   ws05.gif                        [IMN]
   ws06.jpg                        [IMN]
   wsspell.gif                     [IMN]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Personal Web Server
   Microsoft Personal Web Server   [PWS] Alias
   Server Plug-ins                 [PWS] Alias
   Read Me (MSPWS 1.0c)            [PWS]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Personal Web Server:Extras
   FTP Plug-in                     [PWS]
      Installed here if not installed in System Folder
   Read Me (Plug-ins)              [PWS]
   W*API Adapter Plug-in           [PWS]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Personal Web Server:Help
   Access.htm                      [PWS]
   Active.htm                      [PWS]
   Add.htm                         [PWS]
   CustomAdmin.htm                 [PWS]
   DateTime.htm                    [PWS]
   EULA.htm                        [PWS]
   Extend.htm                      [PWS]
   Forms.htm                       [PWS]
   Homepage.htm                    [PWS]
   ie_static.gif                   [PWS]
   Keywords.htm                    [PWS]
   ProgrammersRef.htm              [PWS]
   Publish.htm                     [PWS]
   PWSHelp.htm                     [PWS]
   Secure.htm                      [PWS]
   Sidebar.htm                     [PWS]
   Statistics.htm                  [PWS]
   Tips.htm                        [PWS]
   Troubleshooting.htm             [PWS]
   Visit.htm                       [PWS]
   Welcome.htm                     [PWS]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Personal Web Server:
Personal Web Site Files 1.0c
My Personal Web Site
      The preceding folder name and location depends on whether you
      already have a 'My Personal Web Site'
   default.asp                     [PWS]
   ie_animated.gif                 [PWS]
   style.css                       [PWS]
My Personal Web Site:$Received Messages
   default.asp                     [PWS]
My Personal Web Site:Guestbook
   AddGuest.process                [PWS]
   Guestbook.asp                   [PWS]
   GuestResponse.asp               [PWS]
   SignGuestbook.htm               [PWS]
My Personal Web Site:Message Scripts
   LeaveMessage.asp                [PWS]
   MessageInsert.process           [PWS]
   MessageResponse.asp             [PWS]
   MessageTemplate.process         [PWS]
My Personal Web Site:My Shared Documents
      Empty folder
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Connection Wizard
   Internet Connection Wizard 2.5  [ICW]
   ICW Read Me                     [ICW]
   Overview.htm                    [ICW]
   Troubleshooting.htm             [ICW]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Connection Wizard:
Default Configurations
   Modem                           [ICW]
   PPP                             [ICW]
   TCP/IP                          [ICW]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Connection Wizard:Internet Setup
   icwip.dun                       [ICW]
   icwx25a.dun                     [ICW]
   icwx25b.dun                     [ICW]
   icwx25c.dun                     [ICW]
   msicw.isp                       [ICW]
   phone.icw                       [ICW]
   X25A OT/PPP Connection Script   [ICW]
   X25B OT/PPP Connection Script   [ICW]
   X25C OT/PPP Connection Script   [ICW]
Microsoft Internet Applications:Internet Connection Wizard:Modems
      This folder is installed if Open Transport/PPP is not installed
   Aceex 1414 V.32bis.modem        [ICW]
   Apple Data 2400.modem           [ICW]
   Apple Express.modem             [ICW]
   AT&T Dataport 14.4.modem        [ICW]
   AT&T Dataport Express.modem     [ICW]
   AT&T KeepInTouch Card.modem     [ICW]
   AT&T Paradyne Dataport 14.modem [ICW]
   BestData SmartOne 1442.modem    [ICW]
   Boca 14.4Kbps v.32bis.modem     [ICW]
   Boca 288MV28K.modem             [ICW]
   Cardinal 14.4.modem             [ICW]
   Compudyne 1442F.modem           [ICW]
   Focus 14.4.modem                [ICW]
   Global Village PP Gold.modem    [ICW]
   Global Village PP Mercury.modem [ICW]
   Global Village PP Plat.modem    [ICW]
   Global Village PP Silver.modem  [ICW]
   Global Village TP Bronze2.modem [ICW]
   Global Village TP Gold II.modem [ICW]
   Global Village TP Gold.modem    [ICW]
   Global Village TP Mercury.modem [ICW]
   Global Village TP Plat.modem    [ICW]
   Global Village TP Silver.modem  [ICW]
   GVC 14.4 v.32bis.modem          [ICW]
   GVC 288 Fax.modem               [ICW]
   Hayes Accura 144.modem          [ICW]
   Hayes Accura 28.8.modem         [ICW]
   Hayes Accura 96.modem           [ICW]
   Hayes compatible.modem          [ICW]
   Hayes Optima 14400 v.32 b.modem [ICW]
   Hayes Optima 28.8.modem         [ICW]
   Hayes Optima 96.modem           [ICW]
   Hayes Optima PCMCIA.modem       [ICW]
   Hayes V-Series Ultra 14.4.modem [ICW]
   Hayes V-Series Ultra 9600.modem [ICW]
   Intel 14.4EX.modem              [ICW]
   Line Link 14.4 E.modem          [ICW]
   Macintosh Express.modem         [ICW]
   Macronix Maxlite 14.4.modem     [ICW]
   Magic 14.4 V.32bis.modem        [ICW]
   Magnum 14.4.modem               [ICW]
   Magnum 288 Fax.modem            [ICW]
   Megahertz 14400/P2144.modem     [ICW]
   Megahertz A2144.modem           [ICW]
   Microcom Deskporter.modem       [ICW]
   Microcom Deskporter28.8.modem   [ICW]
   Microcom Deskporter288 EP.modem [ICW]
   Microcom QX/4232 bis.modem      [ICW]
   Microcom Travelporte 288.modem  [ICW]
   Motorola UDS 3225/3225L.modem   [ICW]
   Motorola UDS 3229/3229L.modem   [ICW]
   Motorola UDS 3260.modem         [ICW]
   Motorola UDS 3261.modem         [ICW]
   Motorola UDS 3265.modem         [ICW]
   Motorola UDS FasTalk V.32.modem [ICW]
   Multitech MT 932.modem          [ICW]
   Multitech MT1432.modem          [ICW]
   Multitech MT2834.modem          [ICW]
   Multitech Multi 2 Series.modem  [ICW]
   PowerUser 14.4E.modem           [ICW]
   Pract Periph 14400FXMT.modem    [ICW]
   Pract Periph 2400EFXSA.modem    [ICW]
   Pract Periph 9600.modem         [ICW]
   Pract Periph MC2.modem          [ICW]
   Prometheus Home Office.modem    [ICW]
   Prometheus Pro Ultima.modem     [ICW]
   PSI Comstation V.modem          [ICW]
   PSI Power IV.modem              [ICW]
   Quicktel Xeba 14.4.modem        [ICW]
   Racal ALM 3223.modem            [ICW]
   Racal ALM 3226 V.32 bis.modem   [ICW]
   Spectra Pocket 14.4.modem       [ICW]
   Supra 14.4 LC.modem             [ICW]
   Supra 144 LC/Express.modem      [ICW]
   Supra Fax 288.modem             [ICW]
   Supra Fax Plus.modem            [ICW]
   Telebit 1600.modem              [ICW]
   Telebit 3000/WorldBlazer.modem  [ICW]
   Telebit QBlazer/QBlazer P.modem [ICW]
   USR Courier HST D.modem         [ICW]
   USR Courier V.32 bis.modem      [ICW]
   USR Mac & Fax.modem             [ICW]
   USR Mac n Fax 288.modem         [ICW]
   USR Sportster 14.4.modem        [ICW]
   USR Sportster 28.8.modem        [ICW]
   USR Sportster 9600.modem        [ICW]
   USR Sportster.modem             [ICW]
   USR Worldport 14..modem         [ICW]
   Viva 14.4.modem                 [ICW]
   Viva 9642 e.modem               [ICW]
   Wang 14.4.modem                 [ICW]
   Zoltrix 14.4.modem              [ICW]
   Zoom 14.4 V.32/V.32 bis.modem   [ICW]
   Zoom 14.4 V.32bis.modem         [ICW]
   Zoom 14.4.modem                 [ICW]
   Zoom VFP v.32 bis.modem         [ICW]
   Zoom VFX v.32 bis.modem         [ICW]
   Zyxel U-1496.modem              [ICW]
Internet Config 1.3
      Not installed if Internet Config 1.3 present
      Not installed if installing IE from MacOS 8.0 CD
   IC_FAQ.html                     [IC]
   Internet Config                 [IC]
   User Documentation.html         [IC] 

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