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iMac Modem: Troubleshooting References


This article details specific steps for troubleshooting the iMac modem. Pick the problem statement which best describes the difficulty you are encountering, and click on the URL link for further information.

Note: While this article specifically mentions iMac, it is applicable to the PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze keyboard) and Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White) as they use a variation of the iMac modem.


1. The modem is unable to acquire a dial tone.

Article 24789: "Troubleshooting "No Dial Tone"

Related alerts:

    • Remote Access: "The modem could not detect a dial tone. Make sure your phone line is working and is connected to the modem, and try setting the 'Ignore dial tone' checkbox in Modem control panel."
    • America Online: "Connection Warning: The modem has reported that there is no dial tone."

2. When the modem is not responding at all.

Article 30893: "Remote Access: Modem Not Responding Alert"

Related alerts:

    • Remote Access: "The modem is not responding properly. Reset the modem, check its connections, and check that the correct port and modem type are selected in the Modem control panel."

3. When able to connect to the internet successfully, but not maintain the connection.

Article 24803: "Troubleshooting Unreliable Modem Connections"

Related alerts:

    • Remote Access: "You have been disconnected."

4. When connected to the Internet Service Provider yet unable to access any web pages.

Article 24793: "Modem Troubleshooting: Cannot Load Web Pages After Connecting"

Related alerts:

    • Internet Explorer: "The attempt to load '' failed."
    • Netscape Navigator: "Netscape is unable to locate the server: The server does not have a DNS entry. Check the server name in the Location (URL) and try again."
    • Netscape Navigator: "Netscape is unable to locate the server Please check the server name and try again."
    • Netscape Navigator: "Netscape was unable to create a network socket connection. There may be insufficient system resources or the network may be down. (Reason:) Try Connecting again later or try restarting Netscape."

5. Modem Troubleshooting: Authentication Failures (no separate article)

Related alerts:

    • Remote Access: "User authentication failed. Check your user name and password and try again."

Likely causes:

    • Incorrect name and password info in the Remote Access control panel. Call ISP to confirm both.
    • Corrupt Remote Access preferences (unlikely):
      System Folder : Preferences : Remote Access : Remote Access Connections.
      After trashing this file, open the Remote Access control panel and re-enter the name, password, and telephone number



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