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Assigning more memory to Outlook Express


  • What type of Apple Mac do you have?
  • What version of Mac OS are you running?
  • How much RAM (memory) do you have?


  • If a customer is having problems with Outloook Express crashing it is sometimes useful to assign more memory to it, follow the procedure below to do this.

    First of all ask the customer to look for a folder called Microsoft Internet Applications, this should be on their main hard drive, when they find this folder open it.

    Then ask the customer to open the Outlook Express 4.0 folder. Ensure that Outlook Express has been quit and then ask the customer to click once on the Outlook Express 4 icon.

    Now ask the customer to look along the top of their screen and choose "File" and then "Get Info", if the customer has OS 8.5 or above then they will be able to choose the memory option from the next drop down menu. If not just advise the customer to choose "Get Info".

    The Get Info memory screen will then open, the customer can then modify the preferred memory value by adding anything up to 2-3 Meg depending on how much RAM they have. (1Meg = 1024).

    Then close down the Get Info screen and start Outlook Express.


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