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Internal Clock Error
Date & Time Issues


  1. With the browser session open, select the FILE drop down menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Move the mouse cursor down to PREFERENCES.
  4. Then Select its sub option COOKIES
  5. This will now display the various cookie options on the right hand side. You will need to ensure that where it has WHEN RECIEVING COOKIES, the drop down selection is set to NEVER ASK.
  6. In the box space above these options, You may find various cookies listed. You will need to highlight and DELETE any BT cookies.
  7. Now go into APPLE menu in the top left corner of the screen.
  9. Then within the control panels fin the DATE AND TIME option.
  10. This may display differently, depending on which operating system is being used.
  11. When you have this window open you will need to check the following
  12. Ensure the BRITISH SUMMER TIME - BST or DAYLIGHT SAVINGS on US versions has been ticked or unticked depending on the current time of year.
  13. Click on these three options: DATE FORMATS, TIME FORMATS and SET TIME ZONE
  14. Now click DATE FORMATS. This should take you to a new window. Enusre that if the customer is within the UK, the region is set to BRITISH, if not do so. Then click OK.
  15. Now click on TIME FORMATS
  16. The REGION needs to be set to BRITISH if the user is within the UK. If not do so. Then click OK
  17. Now select SET TIME ZONE.
  18. Go to the CURRENT DATE and put the actual year back by one year and restart the mac and try to register again.
  19. After registration has been complete you need to inform customer to revert back to the correct year setting in the Data & Time control panel.

Information on problem

A user may experience difficulties when trying to register with your isp for the first time. They may get an error indicating a Service Error, usually within an orange bar going across the screen horizintally. There may be some text accompanying the service error, highlighting a discrepancy with the computers internal clock. Error message below

Your computer's internal clock appears to have been set to be at least 120 minutes faster than the internal clock on the server.

As a result,this service will not be ablt to work correctly.

Please could you check your computer's clock settings before attempting to proceed further.

The current time on the server is: Tue Apr 04 09:12:36 BST 2000 for example

This problem can occur across both windows and macintosh platforms. The solution for this error is not too complicated but will need following in a strict sequence to ensure the problem is overcome.

The problem arises due to a small registration file (called a cookie) being sent from the BT's computers to the users. The transfer of this file is necessary to facilitate the registration process. However, sometimes the user's computer has its clock set slightly out of synch with your ISP.

Don't be put out if the message implies that there is a two-hour difference. This is just a standard message.

We need to ensure that the cookie file gets through to the user's computer. This will not happen if the clocks are out of synch.


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