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When I boot up Windows 95, it says it is using compatibility mode for my hard disk

Explanation: Windows 95 is booting up saying that it is using compatibility mode for the hard disk.

Diagnosis: This problem is usually caused by misconfiguration, particularly old drivers that are left over after an upgrade from an older operating system.


Scan the system for viruses. Viruses can cause compatibility mode to be used.
Make sure the hard disk(s) are physically configured correctly.
If you are using a dynamic disk overlay (like Disk Manager), make sure you are using a version that is designed for use with Windows 95. Older versions can cause this problem.
Make sure there are no hard-disk-related drivers being loaded in the system CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files.
You may have an incorrect or incompatible set of bus mastering drivers installed. This will cause Windows 95 to use compatibility mode. See here for more help on bus mastering drivers.


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